Translations of websites and blogs

Translation of websites and blogs is currently a least expensive way to reach international markets.

Translations into all common languages. Your websites and blogs will be translated as fast as you need them, quality guaranteed. The translations are done by a native speaker in our translation office and will be proofread in our quality center by another translator. E-Mail: Tel. +41 56 427 27 15

Website translations

Translation center Leikin for professional translation by native speakers

Website translations requested very often. The internet has supported globalization and you can see that markets are growing closer together. This also presents many companies with linguistic challenges. Not only do the content on the website have to be translated, but also entire menu bars, navigation elements, etc. Nowadays, website translation is one of the most cost-effective methods for reaching international markets. English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish are the most common second languages ​​in Europe and many people can read and understand these languages. However, there are also cultural differences that can lead to misunderstandings that can have a disruptive effect on your message. For the customer, the interaction with you improves when he can communicate in the local language. Rely on the Leikin Translation Center for website translations – whether in whole or in part.

Many companies and organizations have already recognized the advantages of partially or fully translating a website. We recommend that you translate your website completely, but of course you can also request this for segments of your website or your online shop.

Our approach to website translation

We generally use one of the following two approaches to translate your website:
– You can either send us the content to be translated clean, so that all coding and markup languages have already been removed (.txt, .doc, .rtf), or
– we translate the text directly from the source files (.asp, .htm (l),. php, .xml, java and many more). In the latter case we will download your page, count the words and then send you a corresponding offer.

Translation of the graphic elements

When translating graphic elements (.jpg, .gif, .png), we can either deliver your translation in an Excel table so that you can assign the content within your company. Alternatively, it is possible to process the order via an external webmaster or DTP specialist (desktop publishing). If you’d prefer us to take care of this task, just send us your source files (.psd, .fla, ai, png, etc.) and we will make sure that all graphic files are set up correctly.

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