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The Leikin Translation Center specializes in the translation of legal documents and the translation of diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, excerpts from marriage registers and commercial registers, etc.

Our translators are experts in the legal field and have many years of experience in document translations. The challenge is not just to translate from one language into another national language. Rather is background knowledge
about the respective legal systems required to provide a high quality, error free and
to deliver understandable translation. This is vital to documents
understood correctly and successful results are obtained in the arbitration of a foreign country. It is annoying when long-term processes are extended by incorrect translations. The Leikin translation center specializes in the translation of legal documents and the translation of documents. Some examples of the legal documents we translate are:

Birth certificates
Marriage certificates
Extracts from marriage register
Extracts from criminal records
Family ID cards
ID cards
Divorce decree
Trials and proceedings
Court rulings
Extracts from the criminal record
Evidence documents
And much more!

Regardless of whether you need a translation of a birth certificate or an extract from the commercial register, we will convince you with our well-trained staff and high-quality translation of certificates. We translate documents and documents into a wide range of languages ​​in a wide range of routines, and of course we are also familiar with the relevant legal systems and pitfalls.

All translations can also be certified and over-certified. Request an individual offer now. We can also translate documents and documents that were not mentioned in the above list for you on request. With individual and professional advice, we can give you more information about the procedure and the procedure.

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