Professional translations of documents, texts, websites, certificates and much more.
Übersetzungen in alle gängigen Sprachen. Ihre Dokumente, Texte und Betriebsanleitungen werden so schnell übersetzt wie Sie diese benötigen, Qualität garantiert. Die Übersetzungen erfolgen durch einen Muttersprachler in unserem Übersetzungsbüro und werden in unserem Qualitätszentrum durch einen weiteren Übersetzer Korrektur gelesen E-Mail:  Tel. +41 56 427 27 15
  • Translation center Leikin – your competent partner for affordable translations of all kinds.

    The Leikin translation center offers a comprehensive portfolio of professional, affordable translations and proofreading in all conceivable languages. Our team of translators is well trained and ready to use at any time.
    Of course, all texts are prepared by our translators in native language quality. We attach great importance to the selection of a process-oriented team for your translation, which can also deliver short-term and spontaneous translations at any time, technically flawless and on time. In addition to selected freelancers, we primarily rely on permanent translators who are also available as long-term contacts. We guarantee you a permanent contact person and thus continuity and reliability. Our customers appreciate these principles and have trusted us with their translations for years. The Leikin translation center stands for fast, high-quality and inexpensive translations.

    The Leikin translation center in Switzerland has been working with authorities, renowned companies from a wide range of industries, various service providers and of course with private customers in Switzerland for years. Through this long collaboration with you as a customer and through the use of technological features such as terminology databases, we can not only offer you consistent quality, but also customer-specific language consistency. The translations do not appear to be thrown together, but homogeneous and round.

    Of course, our translators are not afraid of major challenges. Our specialties include the translation of entire websites, the inexpensive translation of catalogs and magazines as well as translations of print media, books and operating instructions into a wide variety of languages. Before placing the order, you can discuss all relevant aspects of the order with a personal project manager. This helps you with the planning and implementation and is your contact person for the course of the project. Your project manager will accompany you through the entire project and organize the parallelism and linguistic homogeneity between the individual target languages. You will not be left alone at any point in the project!

    Tel. 056 427 27 15,

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