Professional translations of documents, texts, websites, certificates and much more.

Translations into all common languages. Your documents, texts and certificates are translated as quickly as you need them, quality guaranteed. The translations are carried out by a native speaker in our translation office and are proofread by another translator in our quality center.  Tel. +41 56 427 27 15

Translations for companies and private customers in Switzerland including notarized translations. See references.

The Leikin Translation Center offers a comprehensive portfolio of professional, affordable translations and notarized translations

The Translation Center is your recognized Swiss translation agency for certified translations of documents.
As an experienced and certified translation agency, we work with specialists with a wide range of native languages. This means we are able to professionally translate your contracts into 60 languages.
Of course, all texts and documents are produced by our translators in native speaker quality. We attach great importance to selecting a process-oriented team for your translation, which can always deliver even short-term and spontaneous translations in a technically flawless manner and on time. In addition to selected freelancers, we primarily rely on permanent translators who are available to you as a contact person over the long term. This means we guarantee you a permanent contact person and therefore continuity and reliability. Our customers value these principles and have trusted us with their translations for years. The Leikin Translation Center stands for fast, high-quality and affordable translations.

The Leikin Translation Center has been working in Switzerland for years with authorities, renowned companies from a wide range of industries, various service providers and, of course, private customers. Through this long-term collaboration with you as a customer and through the use of technological features such as terminology databases, we can offer you not only consistent quality, but also customer-specific linguistic consistency. This means that the translations do not appear to be thrown together, but rather homogeneous and well-rounded.

Affordable translation of texts, documents, certificates, websites, catalogs, books and operating instructions

Our translators are of course not afraid of major challenges. Our specialties include the translation of entire websites, the affordable translation of catalogs and magazines, as well as translations of print media, books and operating instructions into a wide variety of languages. Before placing the order, you can discuss all relevant aspects of the order with a personal project manager. This will help you with the planning and implementation and will be your contact person for the course of the project. Your project manager will accompany you through the entire project and organize the parallelism and linguistic homogeneity between the individual target languages. This means you will never be left alone at any point in the project!

Legalization of translations / documents at the foreign representations in Switzerland.

The legalization of a Swiss document intended for an authority abroad, e.g. Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, is an authentication procedure that is intended to certify the correctness of the signature, the function and authority of the signatory. Legalization (also called legalisation) thus makes it possible to certify the legal validity of a Swiss document abroad.The following procedure must be carried out for the legalisation of Swiss documents from foreign representations in Switzerland:
Official certification by a notary or municipality of the legal validity of the signature of the signatory.
Apostille / super-certification for the specific country. You can get this in the canton.
Each document must be certified / super-certified separately by the Swiss Federal Chancellery (Bern).
Legalisation of Swiss documents from foreign representations in Switzerland.
You can order legalisation of translations / documents from foreign representations in Switzerland from us.

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