Terms and Condition

1. Scope of the Terms and Conditions Translation Center Leikin
The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to contracts between the Translation Center Leikin and its client. General terms and conditions of the client are only binding for the Translation Center if we have explicitly acknowledged them.

2. Scope of the translation assignment

Translation is carefully carried out in accordance with the principles of proper vocational training. The client receives the contractually agreed translation.
Style questions are not the subject of the translation.

3. Obligation to cooperate and to inform the client

The client has to inform the translation center in good time about special versions of the translation (translation on data carriers, number of executions, writings, external form of the translation, etc.).

Information and documents necessary for the preparation of the translation must be provided to the client without being requested and in due time (glossaries of the client, illustrations, drawings, tables, etc.).

Translations of abbreviations are only possible to the Translation Center if the explanation or the abbreviations are fully advertised. For words whose meaning is clear only in the context of the context or drawings, no error can be blamed on our Translation Center.

4. Remedy of defects

The Translation Center Leikin has the right to rectify defects. The client also has the right to eliminate defects that have occurred during the translation. A remedy of defects must be asserted by the client within a reasonable period (10 working days) stating the defect.

5. Liability

The Translation Center Leikin is liable for gross negligence and intent.

The liability of the Translation Center Leikin can not exceed the amount of the refund of the invoice amount.

6. Professional secrecy

The Translation Center Leikin recognizes the exclusive rights of the client and all entrusted documents with all copies thereof. It undertakes to treat these as confidential as well as all oral and written information provided by the client to him and to use them exclusively for the purposes of the contract.

7. Ownership and copyright

The translation remains the property of the Translation Center Leikin until full payment. Until then, the client has no right of use. AGB Translation Center Leikin.
The Leikin Translation Center reserves its copyright.

8. Delivery times and cancellations

Delivery times are given to the best of our knowledge and belief (the quality standard DIN EN ISO)

and can only be understood as expected delivery dates. The client can be expected to accept partial deliveries. In case of force majeure, limitation of the premises, power failure, power failure, server errors or damage of viruses and Trojans, no liability can be assumed.
If the client cancels a translation assignment granted to the Translation Center Leikin, the services rendered up to that point in time must be remunerated and the expenses already paid must be paid. If the cancellation occurs up to 4 days before the deadline, 40% of the agreed fee is due. For cancellations up to 2 days before the appointment, 70% of the agreed fee is due. The client reserves the right to prove that no damage or lesser damage has occurred.

9. Applicable law

The contract and all resulting claims are subject to Swiss law.

The effectiveness of these terms and conditions is not affected by the invalidity and invalidity of individual provisions. The place of jurisdiction is Baden, Switzerland. AGB Translation Center Leikin.

Wettingen, 2nd August 2018