Translations into Spanish

The Leikin Translation Center delivers high quality translations from or into Spanish. Also notarized translations. Personal care guaranteed.

Translation Spanish German

Our service includes translation Spanish German. Many people speak Spanish – more or less confidently. For translations into Spanish or from Spanish, you definitely need a native speaker, i.e. a translator whose mother tongue is Spanish.

Do you need certified translations of Spanish certificates and documents into German or translations of German certificates and documents into Spanish? Our translation center offers high-quality and reliable solutions for your needs.

Our service for translation into and from Spanish


Certified translations of birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas and more
Experienced and qualified translators with specialist knowledge
Fast and efficient processing of your documents
High level of accuracy and confidentiality

Documents and certificates for translation:

  • Correspondences
  • Certificates and certificates
  • Birth certificates and ID cards
  • CVs
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Driver’s licenses,
  • Certificates and confirmations
  • Contracts
  • Assembly instructions and installation instructions,
  • Operating instructions and repair instructions
  • Notarial certifications and apostilles

Notarized translation Spanish German

Notarized translations often have to be provided for authorities. We provide these quickly and professionally. You need notarial certifications for a translation not only for passports or visas, but also for:

  • Judgments
  • Criminal records
  • Commercial register extracts
  • Certificates, diplomas, certificates
  • Documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.)
    Our translation center offers high-quality and reliable solutions for your requirements.

Rely on us to translate your Spanish documents into German accurately and professionally so that they are recognized by Swiss authorities and institutions.

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