The Leikin translation center delivers high quality translations from or into Italian. Also notarized translations. Personal care guaranteed.

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Many people speak Italian – more or less confidently. For a translation from Italian-German or German-Italian you definitely need a native speaker, i.e. a translator with Italian as their mother tongue.

Italian translation – from Italian or into Italian

We do translations from or into Italian particularly frequently. Italian is the language of many business areas. Our excellently trained, native-speaker translators have the necessary stylistic sensitivity and linguistic awareness of detail in order to be able to translate complicated content clearly and understandably. Thanks to their cultural and social background, our specialist translators can apply the typical style of the country into whose language your text is to be translated to the target text.

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Our translators are trained experts in their field. Please use the form on the right and request a non-binding offer. We guarantee the highest quality and process every order with strict confidentiality.

We offer translations for:

Certificates and certificates
Birth certificates and ID cards
Graduation certificates and certificates
Driver’s licenses,
Certificates and confirmations
Assembly instructions and installation instructions,
Operating instructions and repair instructions
Notarial certification and apostilles

Notarized translation from or into Italian

For authorities, notarized translations often have to be delivered. We do this quickly and professionally. You need notarial certification for a translation not only for passports or visas, but in many cases also for:

Extracts from criminal records
Commercial register extracts
Certificates, diplomas, certificates
Certificates (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.)

Some examples of German-Italian translations

Gotthard Lot 342. Marti Tunnel AG
Dear Guest. Hotel Bristol
IAF FiBe exams – tender
Digital object presentation. Angels and peoples
UK company website
Assembly, operating and maintenance instructions / electric chain hoist

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