Price structure

The price structure for translations from Leikin depends on multiple factors: the length of the text, how fast it must be delivered, and the quality requirements (e.g. complex issues and terminology).
Our translations are performed by proven, expert translators. Included is an editing step and a comparison with the source text in accordance with the two-person rule.

Although requirements for translations are highly variable, we try to provide a clear, transparent and understandable price structure. The main factor in the price structure is the volume of your translation order.

1. Price calculation for translation:

Number of lines x price per line = Final price
Price per line in CHF 1.50 to 3.00/standard lines (55 characters including blank spaces)

2. Official certification including notary visit, fees and postage

CHF 97.00

3. Apostille including fees and postage

CHF 95.00

We are happy to review every order individually and create a customized offer for you. Get in touch with us to discuss your request with one of our project managers. In this consultation, you will discuss the specific requirements and we will gather important information to create a sound offer for you.

For customers with regular and recurring orders, and from a certain order volume, we provide a special annual price which is on average 25-35% below the standard prices. Learn how now! For large volumes, we are also happy to offer you an individual price structure!