1.Why should you choose Leikin translation center?
Translation Quality – Our translators are native speakers of each target language. They are chosen for their linguistic skills and for their technical expertise. We are dedicated to quality control. All translations are checked and double-checked before dispatch. Fast Service – You will find a friendly in-house team that is willing to assist you, 7 days a week, with any questions that you may have. Competitive Rates – You will receive quality translation services at competitive and cost-effective rates. Your projects will be delivered on time.
2. What about automatic translation tools?
There are several websites that offer automatic translation for free; the results from this software are broken sentences that usually fail to convey the point of the original text. Sometimes they can be used to obtain a very rough idea of what the text is about, but they should not be used for specialized text because the information will not be accurate and can possibly result in liability for your company. There is nothing better than a human translator, backed up by a suitably qualified team and good quality-control procedures.
3. Do you proofread translations before delivering them?
Yes, we proofread all translations before returning your documents to you.
4. Will my documents be dealt with confidentially?
Simple! If you have privacy concerns, we will sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement and have our translator(s) sign it too.
5. Can your company certify a document that I have already translated myself?
No, in order for us to certify a document, we have to ensure that it is a true and accurate translation of the original. A document must be translated by one of our translators in order to receive a certification from our company.
6. Will my document be formatted for printing?
This is not included as part of our standard service. However, we will try to keep the layout as similar to the original as possible. Let us know if you require formatting/editing, and we will take care of it for a small additional fee.
7. Are translations done by human translators or machines?
All of the translations performed by Leikin translation center are done by human translators, who translate into their native language and are experts on the subjects in which they translate.


1. In what manner and format does your company need to receive documents to be translated?

We can receive documents via email or fax in the format of your choice (Word, Excel, PDF, Power Point, or others), or if you only have hard copies, you can mail, or send them by courier. Click here to view our contact details including our e-mail address.

2. How will the document be returned to me?

We can receive documents via email, fax or mail in the format of your choice (Word, Excel, PDF, Power Point, or others)

3. How quickly can your company translate a document?

Our normal turnaround time is 1-2 business days for smaller projects. However, the turnaround time is ultimately determined by the line count and technicality of the document. Please fill out the quote form, email it to us and we will be happy to include the turnaround time along with the price in the quote that we return to you.

Payment and Fees

1. Do you charge for quotes?

No! Our quotes are always free. Quotes can be prepared and returned to you within one business day.

2. Will you translate few words or lines for free?

Payment orde, wire transfer or Paypal.

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